• Corporate Learning

    Kyodai School is our corporate learning platform that offers job training through courses with technical/professional content and organizational knowledge.

    Training & Development

    The objective is to offer corporate programs that promote the development of capacities, emphasizing collaborative work with quality information management that builds knowledge.


    After each training, you will receive the certificate of completion.

    Responsive web

    It is studied through this virtual platform, for which a computer, laptop or tablet with an internet connection is used.

    Self-paced learning

    Virtual education allows a balance between study and work, it also allows you to save time.

    Training Policies

    Include the type of course, duration, condition, periodicity, etc.

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    Trainings Dimensions

    Why is important?

    Your engagement is important:

    -          to generate value;

    -          to generate changes and growth;

    -          to keep identity;

    -          to make sense of our commercial actions and

    -          to make sense of our Mission.